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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  November 24, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it's 9:00 on a tuesday morning. >> still raining. >> it's great to see you. i feel i haven't seen you in a long time. >> in new york, everything going well? >> it was fun. >> hanging with the stars. >> i wouldn't say hanging that is sort of an exaggeration. it was more like, excuse me, please do an interview. but it was fun. "dream dream coming here on the 16th, it's amazing. we're talking about the holidays as well. out there on black friday. we have to get there real
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early. real early. >> as if we were not getting there early enough. >> that's it. you have to be a pro on friday. on the subject of the holidays, do you have a favorite thanksgiving dish? dessert? >> cranberry but it has to come out of the can. >> ew. nobody likes it from the can with the rings on it and everything. justin, you too? nasty. >> i didn't like sweet potatoes when i was a little kid. i couldn't eat them on thanksgiving. then i went to miss shirley's and had the sweet potato fries. now my wife cooks them. the phobia is over. i can eat them. >> excellent. >> did i answer your question? >> you went on a tangent. but we're going to talk about how you can enjoy all those things if you have diebtsz. that's a -- diabetes. that's a struggle a lot of people have. the food is rich, high in sugar. we have tips on how to enjoy
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it. and security dogs. colt bracket, has been on "csi" for years. he'll be here and talk about a new way for parents to let him drive their kids around. a new idea, security dogs. >> i like it. and we're going to meet not a dog but a porcupine. a south american porcupine. amy from the zoo -- apparently it's very cute and not your traditional north american porcupine. we'll find out the difference and also what is going on at the zoo. we want to show you our tree. the tree we're donating to the festival of trees in benefit of the kennedy krieger institute. >> apparently it's not good-looking. >> not enough. michael's is coming in here and turn this tree around to make it really, really festive. that's all coming up. >> that will be fun. >> a tree makeover already. >> already. let's look at the weather.
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>> a weather makeover. >> that would be nice but you know what? we're pretty much stuck with what we've got now. i was watching bel air. with a half-inch of rain. we got another station to top that mark. most of this rain had come through earlier this morning. just after midnight but since then we picked up 3/4 inch at anne arundel community college in glen burnie. north wind 4 miles per hour gusting to 16. it is 48 degrees on the thermometer. that is not a pretty day. we had actually to tweak the settings and make it extra sensitive to show you even the patchy drizzle we have. essentially we're socked in with the green. ed -- the steadier rain is pushing up 95 near bel air. we have light rain and mist from the beltway to towson to the jones falls expressway to downtown and the inner harbor looking a little wet as well. we'll call it drizzle into the afternoon. temperatures only pop into the lower 50s. then back to the mid-40s with more drizzle and fog overnight. more on the thanksgiving weather coming up in a bit.
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9:03. back to you. >> thank you. if you have a baby you need to listen up. there's a new nationwide crib recall to tell you about. the information could save your baby's life. sherrie johnson is here to tell us more about the crib recall. >> reporter: good morning. it's the biggest crib recall ever. more than 2.1 million dropside cribs by stork craft manufacturing are being recalled. this is after four infant deaths. the consumer product safety commission says the recall involves over one million cribs in the u.s., almost a million in canada where stork craft is actually based. nearly 150,000 of the cribs carry the logo. the side moves up and down to allow parents to lift children easily from the crib but plastic hardware can break, deform or parts can end up missing >> we have had over 100 incidences and 15 entrapments and four tragic deaths of infants caught in between the
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dropside and the mattress. these infants have suffocated. >> reporter: this latest recall involves dropside cribs manufactured between january 1993 and october 2009. parents and caregivers are urged to stop using the recalled cribs and wait for the free repair kit. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. for many people debt is part of reality, but paying it off can be a headache. >> imagine being hounded by phone 255 times in just a month. welcome to the nasty world of debt collection. before you make your black friday plans you might want to think of shopping today. why it may save you headaches later on. the holidays bring with it lots of food, great sweets, how to handle the holiday festivities if you have diabetes. so what comes to mind when we
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thank you for joining us on "good morning maryland." these tough times have become prime time for debt collectors. they are apparently becoming meaner. in a investigation, our investigator joce sterman shows us why. take a look. [phone rings] >> reporter: for some every phone call is a reminder of the debt that is weighing them down. >> i didn't realize they were
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that aggressive. >> reporter: so aggressive that one debt collector called this recovering cancer patient 255 times in just 30 days. sound outrageous? some who are behind on their bills say it's a story that rings true. >> they won't stop. they are like the terminator. they won't stop until they get you. >> reporter: dundalk's alicia lewis knows what it is like to be hounded. her fiance lost his job last year, her family ended up thousands in the hole. they have been struggling to pay ever since. >> we are not dead beats, and we do all we can do but sometimes there's not enough. >> reporter: she believes she's been targeted illegally by debt collectors who skirt the law and complaints are growing. a investigation found debt collection complaints to the federal trade commission are up nationally over the past two years. >> i think that consumers are becoming salvier about their rights and know to complain. >> reporter: the complaints are even louder in baltimore, up almost 25% in the last two
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years. their biggest gripes? collectors misrepresenting what you owe and who you owe it to. collectors who never send written notice, keep calling even when told to stop. all are violations of the fair debt collection act, a federal law. >> it is some of the worst bullying tactics i've ever seen. their goal in my opinion is to get as much payment as soon as possible with as little trouble as possible. >> reporter: and to avoid trouble towson attorney jane  santoni says her clients have lived through threats that would make the sopranos blush. she says she's seen an increase in abuses of the system often because pem back down. >> most of the time the companies bank on the fact that people aren't going to fight. >> reporter: people may not have the power to fight back but the ftc does. the agency monitors 4,100 collection agencies across the country but scripps howard news service found one companies stands out, nco group, they
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racked up more complaints, they are number one both nationally and in baltimore. >> our rate, with all the rates we get is negligible. it's a small number, has no statistical value. >> reporter: since 2007 nearly 8,000 complaints have been filed against nco, the largest collection company in the country but the ceo says his collectors follow the law. he blames some of the troubles on another collection company that handled the debt before nco took over. >> i think we have the best record in the industry. statistically. with that said i take every one of these complaints seriously. i'm a big believer that regardless of whether or not nco is at fault the first thing we should do is say we're sorry. >> reporter: but sorry won't stop the phone from ringing at alicia's house >> i am dealing with the problems everyday because you must leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: she wants to focus on battling her debt instead of fighting the people who collect it. joce sterman, abc2 news investigators. >> so you're watching this
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wondering how do i fight back? that's where we come in. on abc2 news at 6:00 we'll tell you what to say, what steps to take to get collectors off your back. all that information coming up tonight. 9:12. got good news. temperatures come up. not much but it finally piewfd. all morning we were 48 degrees. just lagging behind until we got the official update. 49 now. it's in the right direction they won't head up much more today. 50 in new york, philly richmond. we have a lot of moisture. we had heavy rain overnight. the rain itself and you can see the green spreading thin here, this particular vantage point, not in that supersensitive mode so we can't pick out the mist and light rain in between but it's there. it's still pretty damp in most
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locations. we're socked in with this environment here that locks us with the storm off the coast that is pushing away and northeasterly winds or northerly wind that is going to keep us with the unsettled pattern. unfortunately, there's a lot of moisture here, stretching through the ohio valley and back to the midwest with the next storm system. all this gray here, low clouds that are really going to hang on tight until we can get is this next system pushing through. it will take until the day after thanksgiving to get us into a cooler pattern into the weekend. you can see the rain locked up from erie, pennsylvania, all the way through pittsburgh and back into the mountains of western maryland. while we may hang on to drizzle tonight and tomorrow, that will be the best of the next 36 to 48 hours because the rain will try to build in during the afternoon. our timeline there stopped at 6:00 p.m. once we get through tomorrow afternoon and evening we'll have the rain returning and unfortunately that is going to stick around as we head through thanksgiving day. coastal storm itself looks very
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impressive. it goes off the coast but the upper level low which is here will pivot on top of maryland and give us a better shot of rain on friday. again, the weekend does show sign of improvement. for this afternoon, cloudy, drizzle, 51 downtown baltimore. we'll take you back to carroll county where you're stuck in the 40s. 47 westminster. and in parkton 48. milder on the eastern shore, 51 grasonville. we'll lock it down to 45 tonight. more drizzle and fog. for tomorrow, we'll get wet especially with the showers returning in the afternoon and high of 54. that thanksgiving outlook and into the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. 9:14. back to you. you've been training for this since the day after last christmas. when it comes to shopping you need to be a pro. just to know you need the tricks of the black friday trade. we always say we're not going to get caught up in this.
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give me some advice. >> it's best to get up early because the stores posted weeks ago the deals they were doing for black friday and cyber monday. the thing about this year which makes it ditch from 2008 -- different from 2008, the stores, with the inventory, they are not replenishing. if you see an item, get it now, it won't be replenished towards the end of the month. >> and there may only be five of them available. also on-line you'll see a lot of them come into the store. the only way you can buy it is come into the store. even on-line. >> it's true but they are also increasing the amount of on-line black friday deals as well. >> let's go local now. let's shop local. insted of going to the big malls and get sandwiched in. what do you find? >> great gifts from local retailers. this item is from lindsay in federal hill. these are great for children. the large is $10. smaller 5. drop them under running water and they give the children bubbles. >> that's not bad. you want to talk about this. this is chocolate? >> yes.
9:16 am
the financial crunch nest egg. and the financial crunch bakers dozen. they are great gifts for co-workers. both $24. it's a play on the recession, kind of clever because if we've learned anything it's the importance of a nest egg this year. >> where do you get those? >> that's vasari and gearson. >> this? >> these are custom-hand blown glass ornaments from cordetti. what is great is if you want to give your friends and family a gift certificate they can go in and make with the entire family a custom ornament they can keep every year. >> how do locals make it on this black friday? everyone wants to go to wal-mart, target, how about the locals? >> surprisingly the people who shop at smaller retailers are diehard fans of the store. they are going to bring in a different crowd than large retailers normally would. so small retailers are still surviving on black friday. >> i heard one store is giving out tickets to prevent people from going crazy.
9:17 am
>> and to prevent any more deaths or injuries on black friday. >> are you going out on friday? >> no, i'll be too stuffed from eating. >> so be early, be patient, have a gate -- game plan. >> absolutely. and do your research on line, what stores are having what deals. map out what stores you want to go to, to have a safe route and be patient. >> start getting on line now and maybe get the circulars and pay attention to the advertisements? >> after you've eaten for thanksgiving go sit down in front of the computer and decide what your plan of action is for the next day. >> you're a preacher of shop locally? >> i am. >> very good, christine epps, our shopping expert. be brave and daring on friday. good luck. we're going to be at clawma mall, wal-mart in dundalk. and where else? at the festival of trees. we're going to be somewhere else, too on friday. we'll get you all covered.
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>> this is the coolest thing i think i've ever seen. what is this? >> a porcupine that loves corn. he's a maryland boy. >> we'll introduce you to marty when we come back. before we head to break, if you have a business, organization, charity, whatever and would like a brief shoutout on the air. send your mugs. in fact the maryland zoo did send a mug. this cool giraffe one. 6400 york road, baltimore, maryland, 21212. we'll be right back. so what comes to mind when we switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv looks like new. uh, awesome? actually, i want to talk about how i get $150 back? oh, well you get $150 back if you switch to fios. i was curious why we're listening to customers.
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you're about to be on television marty. this is marty from the maryland zoo. he brought amy with him. he's cool. what is he? a prehensiled tail porcupine. he has what is like a monkey tail he can climb a tree with. >> he still has the corn. >> he doesn't let go of that. you can hold him by his tail. he can support l his body weight with that which comes in handy from the food they eat. they hang from the branch by the tail and can grab with the two front legs. they are vegetarians, don't eat meat, just vegetation, they
9:22 am
like to chew sticks, eat bark and tree pulp. they like veggies and fruits four two the trees. his favorite snack is corn on the: cob. when he's done with it he'll toss it on the floor. >> good. his nose is so soft. itty bitty ears. >> he's darling. tiny eyes, cute face, giant nose that has an amazing sense of smell which is funny because he's the smelliest animal. >> he does, he stinks. onions and armpits. >> i have no sense of smell so i can't smell him but is that what i'll smell like? >> why do they smell bad? >> they never go to the ground to bathe. the quills are powdery. they are just smelly creatures. even the north american ones on the ground smell just as bad
9:23 am
but he's completely covered with quills except for his nose and little feet. >> he's gorgeous. >> he's cool. one of the many animal am bass -- ambassadors we travel with our program. you can see him when it's warm out. he goes to schools and senior centers. people love him. we take him with a tall parrot perch. he climbs up the perch, get his treat and kids go crazy over him. >> we have other guests in the studio. you were carrying by the tail which probably looks a little inhumane but it's how he rolls. >> it is. he's totally fine like that. i can perch him on my hand, too but he's holding on to his corn as you can see. he was very stressed -- he didn't care, just wanted his corn. halloween is his favorite time of year because he loves pumpkin, too. he doesn't like corn with the huff on.
9:24 am
he's a prima donna. he wants his food peeled and reprepared. we butter it, steam it for him in beer, no, only kidding. >> what is going on at the zoo? >> we're closed thanksgiving day but we're open until the end of the year. come for our breakfast series. the holiday breakfast series, you can see the quince, which is -- the penguins which is always fun. go to find out all the information. we have a couple of dates to sign up for. but they do sell out. if you are just totally stumped for a holiday gift we do adoptions and also family memberships which are great because they are the affordable gift for the whole family and can keep coming back through the year. >> he just moved on. >> he's like what else do we have? he wants some apple, maybe some yams. these are apple fiber biscuits. they are meant to be primate biscuits but they love them and they are good for their teeth.
9:25 am
>> he loves to eat. >> he does. >> this is the same set where our dogs come. we'll have to see if they are curious about him. don't forget about the zoo. i love the idea of adopting something. a great idea. i hate the headaches of the shopping on friday. >> go on-line. right on line. come on friday. send the wife to the mall and dads, bring the kids on friday to the zoo. >> thank you so much for coming in. thank you for bringing marty. he's amazing. jamie? if you have diabetes, you know the holidays are tough for you. when it comes to your diet. coming up next, the dangers of diabetes this time of year and how easy it is to stick to the game plan and not overindulge. our kinder time toy drive. pete "on the street" o'neal puts this together. this was last year. this year again, we're inviting you to drop toys off. send smiles across our state to the kids less fortunate.
9:26 am
here are some of the dropoff centers at 6400 york road at channel 2. go to any wal-mart. maryland state police, cfg baltimore, annapolis, towson locations. the athletic club and anne arundel county and baltimore county fire departments, at the hippodrome also. we'll distribute the toys on december 22nds. make it a good christmas.
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we're up against the clock if the jury doesn't decide today on the mayor we'll have to wait until after the thanksgiving holiday. linda so is live at the courthouse with the very latest. what is going on? >> reporter: deliberations began at 9:15 this morning. as you know this is a short week because it's the thanksgiving holiday. at the beginning of the trial the judge had said he would consider giving jurors the day off tomorrow as a travel day for the thanksgiving holiday. he hasn't indicated yet if he plans to do so but if that were to happen and the jury doesn't come back with a verdict by the end of the day today they could very well mean this could drag on into next week.
9:30 am
mayor dixon arrived at the courthouse through a back door this morning. she had very little to say. the jury was sent home monday afternoon after sending a note saying "we have not completed deliberations but we're making progress." earlier in the day a note said they were making great progress. so far the jury has been deliberating for 18 hours over four days. they are considering five counts against the mayor relating to gift cards she allegedly used on herself instead of the poor. dixon's attorneys this morning said as they were walking into the courthouse said they were being patient but hope a verdict is reached by the end of the day. linda so, abc2 news >> stay with us for coverage of the trial against mayor sheila dixon. when the jury reaches a verdict we'll cut into programming with an announcement. so keep it on constitution tuesday for that -- abc2 news for that. when you can't catch us on tv, you can always go to "2 your health" at 9:30 --
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medical experts say that diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions at the rate we're going we're -- it doesn't have to be a death sentence. kelly swoope says it could lead you to healthier living altogether. quinn martin says after 10 years he's finally in good hands when it comes to his diabetes. >> for three and a half years i was with the belief i was type two. and they had started me on typical type two medication which wasn't doing anything. >> 90% of the people diagnosed with diabetes have type ii. >> reporter: angela meadow, a dietician says quinn is with the other 10%, type 1 diabetes. >> type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the beta cells are truly destroyed. they are no longer making insulin. they require insulin to survive for the rest of their life.
9:32 am
>> reporter: before counseling at the diabetes center quinn was having a difficult time accepting his new lifestyle. >> i was in denial. i didn't want to take medicine. i was in the hospital up with year about eight times. for low sugar and a few for high sugar. >> reporter: meadows says difficulty dealing with dice knowsies is common but says lifestyle changes can make all the difference. >> portion control is truly the key. no matter whether it's type 1 or type 2 and it's really about a healthy weight eating. >> reporter: if you can do, that meadows says, you can avoid complications like loss of eyesight, loss of limbs, heart disease or kidney failure, complications he foes all too well -- knows all too well, he lost two brothers and mother to diabetes. >> it's not the greatest life but i want to live. i like life. i don't want to be called at a young age to go home. i just have to remind myself
9:33 am
everyday, every time i'm getting ready to take my medication, this is helping my life. >> reporter: kelly swoope, "2 your health." >> diabetes is something we're going to talk about, continuing to talk about. registered and licensed dietician casey yunger is here to tell us how to enjoy the holiday even if you have diabetes. >> it's totally possible. you can enjoy the holidays if you're enjoying the festivities. go to social events, catch up with family and friends and don't worry about the food so much. really enjoy the holidays. enjoy the festivities. >> i love it. you gave us great tips, pieces of advice, things we can do. i guess even if you don't have diabetes it will help you, really, not ends up packing on the extra pounds. you said focus on fun not feast. >> it's really important on the holidays, it's supposed to be about family and getting together, the spirit of the holidays, if you really go to the functions and get excited about seeing old friends and catching up with family you
9:34 am
won't focus on the food, you won't stand by the buffet table. you'll be more engaged with family and friends, neighbors. >> why not focus on the fun? that should be what it's all about. >> never go hungry. >> the food is so tempting. if you can try and get a high protein snack before you leave, things like low-fat string cheese, deli slices of meat work wonderful. low-fat peanut butter, things like that. >> make your sugars count. >> yes. >> it's a hard one. >> it is so hard. it's so important for diabetics to know what foods have carbohydrates in them. a lot of people think it's just the dessert table but there are things to watch for at the meal as well. like sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, they all have sugar in them as well. make sure you're doing small portions. you can still have them but in moderation. >> raw veggies? >> perfect. they are great. nothing in them except antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. >> if you are going to load up
9:35 am
the plate. >> with the veggies. >> be aware of the dip? >> we prefer them without the dip but a little won't hurt. >> keep the drinks to a minimum. >> a lot of people do forget about beverrans that contain calories and sugar. adult beverages, wine, eggnog, very high in sugar. if you still love them and want to enjoy them, try to drink them with the meal instead of before and after and all throughout the evening. >> is there such a thing as a healthy adult beverage? is there one, like, if someone was going to say, look, i'm going to have a cocktail is there one you would recommend? >> everything in moderation. a glass of wine is wonderful. red wine is good for the heart but in moderation. one to two glasses in a night. >> this one i think is great and seems like a no-brainer but i think people always forget it. use small plates. >> yes. i wish there were more of them out there. a small plate that is not overloaded is actually the appropriate portion sizes. over the years the plates in america have gotten larger.
9:36 am
so if you can choose the dessert plate and use that as your dinner plate. >> you said also stick to the diabetic meal plan. >> that's the most important part. check blood sugar regularly, maintain meal schedule and be aware of what you're eating. >> all of these are great. good advice you always hear from diabetics. that is really one of the biggest hassles and one of the biggest disappointments, food around the holidays. great stuff. thank you for coming in. coming up next -- we're all worried about our teenagers behind the wheel or with friends but one local police officer found a way to ease our concerns. also coming up, the final three stars dancing for your votes. why it doesn't seem to be a clear-cut favorite. and we're getting ready to send out our festival of tree but first we get a tree makeover. we'll reveal the big change coming up. 9:36. we're looking at wet roads once again. this is the harbor school in owings mills.
9:37 am
temperature 46 degrees? sorry, 47 now. north winds. we're still left over with mist and wet roads into the afternoon. we'll have the outlook through thanksgiving and the rest of the weekend coming up. remember, we're much more of "good morning maryland" straight ahead. our look outside showing that dreary day so stick around. we'll try to keep you in a good mood. we'll be right back. (announcer) now you can save $14.99 a month for a year with the verizon quad play. call now and you'll get verizon wireless,
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news. during last night's finals one judge dubbed mia the queen of the pasa doble. one judge said donny osmond was at his best and another one says kelly osbourne was the season's revelation. it could be anyone's trophy to win tonight. >> reporter: kelly osbourne and her partner began the evening with an argentine tango. before that the women had a product applied to their skin. kelly said it caused a little commotion in her freestyle routine. >> i was trying to hook on with everything i had and couldn't do it. it's to make us look tan but it's like a lotion. i was literally like holding on to his hand like that. don't go! >> reporter: they ended the evening in third place with 76 of 90 points. donny and his partner kym came
9:41 am
in second with 85 points. they got triple 9s for the chachaand ended with triple 10s for a show-stopping freestyle. >> what a way to end it. the perfect ending. it's like, it's good you're performing in vegas because when the chips are down you know what to do. >> this has been a ride, george. up and down and in between. everywhere. we ended on a high. >> we really did. it was just amazing. >> reporter: also amazing, mia, and her partner got a perfect score for their dance. overall they are two points ahead of donny and kym. after the show i again noticed mia was understandaged up and -- bandaged up and finally got her to fess up. >> i've been dancing on a sprained ankle for five weeks. i didn't want to say anything. i thought it's not an injury, just a sprain. i didn't want people to think
9:42 am
my performance was compromised because of an injury. it's just how it is. >> you can see her win tonight on the ninth season of "dancing with the stars" on abc2. the night really starts with "v," 8:00 and then the trophy is handed out during a special finale of "dancing with the stars" followed by abc2 news at 11:00. >> do you know who is going to win? >> mia. >> i think maybe kelly osbourne. >> really? you're changing your tune. >> no. >> ok. this is great. i can't wait. when it comes to your teenager getting their driver's license, many parents end up with a few sleepless nights. >> wait until you hear how one police officer is moonlighting to keep your kids safe. our festival of trees finally made over. the new and improved abc2 family tree, coming up next.
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9:45 am
your daughter needs a ride to the sonar on sarasota on saturday. your sun needs to get to westminster, your other daughter needs a ride to the prom in may. who are you going to call? why don't you call colt bracet? he started as a patrolman years ago, baltimore county police, got promoted to detective and now moonlighting with security dogs. how did you get this idea? >> friends kept calling and asked me if i could run friends
9:46 am
here and there to locations, while they are off doing other things. i said i can do that. >> you are not a limo driver. >> i take your car. economic times are tough, they keep it low key, i get behind the wheel and my guys go and take you where you got to go in a safe manner [you stay with the kids when you, say, go to the arena? you let them go into the arena? you stay outside? what happens? >> yes, it's preplanned. we exchange cell phones. i drop them off at the location. they go into the concert or do whatever they are going to do and i pick them back up, same location. and parents are home knowing they are going to be safe. >> who wouldn't want to send them with a police officer? you go with a cop tonight! >> it's an added bonus. >> have you been busy? >> i have. >> great. >> two clients now. executives. >> executives first, right? >> did i. >> then they said, take my daughter. >> they said, can you take my
9:47 am
daughter? she goes a lot of types to certain areas -- times to certain areas. taking them to the airport. >> there's a business for this. >> a lot of people are calling me, a lot of word of mouth. it's working out so good so far. >> why don't you show up in a patrol car one night and tell them this is what it is like to ride in the back seat. >> i don't think so. i try to keep that separate. >> i think it's a great idea. you show up at my house, pick up my car, take my kids and keep them safe. >> correct. >> you bring them back home in one safe condition. >> that's right. kids nowadays like to text. that's how they communicate. rather than mom and dad worrying about whether they are going to get home safe to and from i got my guys taking care of you, driving you. and added bonus, it's -- they are aware of their surroundings. >> you don't have the web site yet but give out your phone number. >> 410-599-8772.
9:48 am
or you can use my e-mail, and dawgs is the spelling. a lot of times i'll take them to new york city, shopping for the day an bring them back. or take them to new york city, they will stay with family, i'll go back and get them, bring them back home. >> feel like a security guard, too? >> yeah. >> you need a ride anywhere? >> love it. >> where do you want to go? >> let's go cross country. >> let's go - >> i'm ready. >> colt, baltimore county's finest of course doing the security dawgs, good detail. way to go. let's look at our weather with justin berk. want to go anywhere? >> we showed great snow video from washington state yesterday. can you get to us washington state by 2:00? >> absolutely. >> he's a cop, remember that. >> put a light on the roof. we'll pass through. that's right. no snow now but long range
9:49 am
outlook, could be something like that by the end of next week when we enter december. we've get light rain, drizzle, mist, all the stuff in between on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. just plan for the wet weather to continue as our slow-moving storm system gets out of here. while it's really this environment that is going to stay murky if you will. as we are generally looking at the departure of the storm itself but till left over moisture so we're stuck with drizzle on into the afternoon. temperatures only going up to 51 degrees. tonight we'll slide back to 45. still some leftover drizzle. as we showed you in the last half-hour next storm tries to race in here, that will provide the chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. we should be ok in the morning hours, maybe just leftover drizzle but the showers and rain build in late tomorrow, tomorrow night, thanksgiving itself we go to 60 but the heavier rains we expect with the storm actually to roll in on friday. 48 degrees and only around 50 as we head through saturday with lows near freezing. at least we dry out with sunshine on sunday and high back to about 56.
9:50 am
9:49 and 49 degrees. let's go back to the tree. they say no good deed goes unpunished. apparently the tree was no exception. here's a before shot. michael's came in and really made it look amazing. >> what did they do to it? gee. >> you are in columbia? yes. >> how hard was it -- when you came in, what did you think of the tree? were you like this is a little crazy? >> needed a little glitter, glitz. >> i think it's amazing. what did you do? >> the same tree? >> it's the same tree. i watched them do it during the show. it was in less than an hour. >> we did it. it was easy. we just chose the color scheme and went for it. really pretty. >> it looks real now. >> i will say, you didn't lose all the ornaments. >> we wanted to keep you guys into it. just put a little spark on it, that's all.
9:51 am
>> if somebody does this at home would you stay stick with a color theme scheme? a theme if it's glittery? what would you say? you're the experts. >> i would say stick with the theme, be as creative as possible, go with it. it's your creation so do as much as you can. and we have all these great ornaments at michael's. whatever your imagination leads you do, run with it. >> it's personal preference. whatever colors you like, style, if you like glitter, awesome. if you like mellow colors, awesome. >> the colors really make the difference. >> it does. >> you took a hum drum tree and brought life to it. that's great. >> in less than an hour. they came in here. we were like what are they doing? we are so impressed. >> now i feel good to donate it. >> it's going to the festival of the trees. all your work is going to go towards a good cause. >> that's good. >> thank you so much for coming
9:52 am
in. >> you're welcome. >> thank you tore having us. >> 20th annual festival of trees starts this weekend. we're going to take this tree, with help from michael's and donate it to the festival of trees to raise money for kennedy krieger institute, starts this friday and continues through sunday at the fairgrounds. >> get involved. all the information is on the screen. thank you so much, looks gorgeous. >> thank you. >> ever been to "the nutcracker"? >> yes. >> it would get you in the holiday spirit. in it would. it's coming to the hippodrome. >> oh. >> so if you're interested. >> the pittsburgh ballet. have you seen them before? >> no. >> december 4th through the 6th. tickets will be on sale. 410-547-seat or hippodrome box office. go see "the nutcracker." we'll be right back. ro
9:53 am
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v time for our featured events. i got an e-mail from lori from fort meade. she wants to you know about the officers wives club holiday craft fair.
9:56 am
open to the public. sunday december 6th. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the guild training center at fort fort meade. good cause to support. >> turkey shoot thursday. it's to play golf. clifton park, forest park, mounts pleasant or pine ridge. starts at 8:00, the shot gun start at 8:30. all you have to do is go on-line now to and register. >> it's a misleading name, turkey shoot. >> i think they have deer walking around. >> if something is happening in your community, we prefer not to shoot anything but we would love to mention it on the air, feel free to e-mail us and we'll put it on the air. e-mail jamie, me or finally look there. >> when you talk about living your job -- she's wearing the sparkles. >> yes. >> you're glittering right now.
9:57 am
>> she wears her work. >> she does wear her work. can you see it? we need that high-def camera. this is when we need that. get some of that shine on there. things will be glimmering and shimmering out there because of the drizzle. we're looking at 51 degrees today. tonight 45. 54 tomorrow. the showers come back in the afternoon. at least in the morning hours the turkey bowl could be a little wet. better chance of rain redeveloping on friday. stuck at 48 degrees. then 50 or so with drier weather over the weekend. >> a good thing you have those tights. he does. he has tights that he wears. >> hey. the beads of rain just bounce right off. >> underarmor tights? >> yeah. >> it's ok. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> have a great day.
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